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Cookie Pie Mixed Six-Pack

A delicious mixed-pack of our well-loved cookie pies!

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Cookie Pie Mixed Six-Pack

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Quick, which cookie is your favorite -- Peanut butter, chocolate chip, or cinnamon & sugar?

We've created a mixed-pack of our Summer lineup of cookie pies, because ... I couldn't choose a favorite and I knew you wouldn't be able to either.

What's In the Cookie Pie Box?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pies: A pair of chocolate chip cookies stacked as a sandwich filled with a vanilla marshmallow.

PB & J Cookie Pies: A pair of peanut butter cookies carrying a dollop of raspberry jam and filled with a vanilla mallow.

Cinnamon & Sugar Cookie Pie: A pair of cinnamon & sugar cookies filled with an apricot jam and vanilla marshmallow.

All of them are pretty much the bees knees.

What is a cookie pie?

Our cookie pies started with a classic chocolate chip cookie, made with a gluten-free flour blend (shhh... you'll never know), Irish cream butter, a touch of molasses, Tahitian vanilla beans, and semi-sweet chips. With a generous mound of our house vanilla marshmallow fluff sandwiched inside—they are tender, gooey, full of vanilla, and really delicious. We recently added a few variations, and bam .. here we are with a mixed-pack of cookie pies headed for your doorstep.

The vegan cookie pies are equally delicious. Also made with a gluten-free flour blend and featuring locally made Miyoko's vegan cashew butter. Each vegan cookie pies is filled with a generous mound of vegan vanilla marshmallow sandwiched inside.

Weighing in at 4 ounces each, this box of six kicks off the party when it arrives.

Available Flavors
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$31.00 & free shipping