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A Surprise Inside Every Cupcake Delivery

A Surprise Inside Every Cupcake Delivery

What is that cute round thing that comes with every giant cupcake we send? A sticker? A love note? A tiny frisbee? An adorable round thing? Nope. 

It’s a cupcake coaster! 

cupcake surprise coaster

Our delicious cupcakes needed an adorable place to perch before being devoured. So we invented the cupcake coaster. A perfectly sized, adorably round coaster to rest your cupcake while eating. No searching for a plate, or a napkin, or whatever it is you place delicious treats on. 

I mean really, it’s the best invention since... marshmallow frosting!

The perfect gift to send instead of a card, as a thank-you gift, in celebration of a birthday, or just because -- the giant 1/4 pound cupcake we call The One is big enough to share .. or not! Check it out & order here!

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