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White Chocolate Lovers Unite

White Chocolate Lovers Unite

don't snooze on our mallow topped cupcakes dipped in white chocolate

When treated right, white chocolate is one of the most useful ingredients in the cakery. It can be used in cakes, swirled into confections and sauces, or used as an outer shell like we do on our famous marshmallow topped cakes. Delicious on its own, a creamy, milky pleasure wholly different from milk and dark chocolates, but just as worthy of obsessive attention.

What should white chocolate taste like?

Ya, white chocolate can be very sweet— even gritty when improperly made. Some of it is chalky or waxy or tastes like cheap milk powder.

When made well, white chocolate tastes fresh and creamy, offering an extreme creamy bite, with floral notes from the cocoa butter.

What's your favorite chocolate?

Ask any chocolate lover for their favorite type of chocolate, and it usually includes words to describe the color or numbers that describe the cocoa solids content.

What about that white chocolate? Wow, a good white chocolate can be dynamic with complex flavors that include everything from fresh cream to mint, herbs to floral jasmine.

White Chocolate goes from amazing to good to bad ... and a whole lot of in between

Like most things, there is really good white chocolate, bad white chocolate … and a whole lot of in between.

It should never be bright white— instead it is best as a shade of ivory that is similar to the pale yellow of cocoa butter. Never chalky, waxy, or sickly sweet. Oh, no … never that.

White chocolate dipped cakes? Right this way ...

If you love white chocolate as much as we do, we've got a few desserts for you! Check out our Double Vanilla Birthday Cake for a complete birthday cake experience. If you are looking more for a best of both worlds situation check out the tuxedo birthday cupcake option which includes a lovely chocolate cake topped with a vanilla mallow frosting finished with a dip in white chocolate.

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