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Are you looking for a delicious gift?

Are you looking for a delicious gift?

We were made for this! When you think of sending a gift online to your friends and family, what do you think of first? Flowers? Chocolate dipped fruit?

We thought the same thing ... A few days before a birthday or Father's Day, I'd start searching for something interesting to send. I could find yummy looking treats or beautiful flowers, but with some experience I knew that's not what was actually received. Instead, a floral box filled with little packages of mid-quality treats complete with questionable ingredients would arrive. Or worse, flowers that looked nothing like what I ordered.

So we focused our sights on awesome cupcakes, that are easy to send, taste awesome, look beautiful, and come in a pack with many or just one. Because not very one likes to share.

Ready to take a look around? Check out how our cakes are made, what makes our vanilla cupcakes so awesome and meet us.

Oh, you'll want to enter our giveaway too - we'll be sending cupcakes to a few randomly selected subscribers to our newsletter! Simply enter your email address and name on the top right of this page.

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