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Business and Thank You Gifts

Business and Thank You Gifts

An easy way to say thanks

What's better than receiving a gourmet gift at your office? Not much!

If you are selling, servicing, consulting, advising, providing or touring... you know a little something about building relationships. Most every business news site has advice on when to give, who to send it to and how much to spend. We know it's important, but it's hard to find the right gift to send.

Hand shaking, note writing and gift giving are key to building a strong relationship.

When we started NotPie, we didn’t really mean to start a cupcake business. We were often in need of little gifts to be delivered to our favorite people across the country. We were most interested in the gift and the process, because the standard choices were awful.

What do you send your realtor who just helped you close a deal on your dream house? Or an ad consultant that stuck with you through a wild and crazy campaign. Or your tax advisor? What can business development teams send to their prospects or new customers easily every quarter—like the sales guy who recently closed a deal with a new software provider, or the advertising rep who works closely with a client all year.  

Handwritten thank you cards are nice. But sometimes they aren’t enough. Pens are nice … oh wait, who wants a pen? Or flowers. Or a logo filled tchotchke. Or another gift card to St. Arbucks?

Cake is better.

Why send any of those things, when you can send cake? The One — A giant 1/4 pound cupcake in your choice of chocolate or vanilla, topped withhandmade marshmallow and dipped in chocolate. Unlike anything you’ve ever tasted for just $15 shipped! Guaranteed to be opened and enjoyed. We'll even handwrite your thank you note and carefully pack it to arrive perfectly in 2 days.  

Personalize Your Business Order

For orders of 6 or more, our packing team will personalize your gift. We’ll handwrite the note on your company stationary, include your business card and up to one additional business/marketing asset. Email us at for these special large orders, and we’ll coordinate your order with the personalized components.

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