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Cakes Worthy of Celebrations

Cakes Worthy of Celebrations

Our Philosophy: Each Ingredient Matters

In our quest to create the best cakes, we tracked down some amazing ingredients. From the cake flour to the sprinkles on top, we keep our ingredient lists really simple and organic, choosing our sources wisely.

An organic unbleached pastry flour, cage-free organic eggs, organic sugar grown sustainably in Paraguay, fair-trade vanilla, and single-origin organic cocoa powder from Peru are the stars of our dessert creations. The combination of these things is pure magic.

Out-Of-This-World & All Natural

Using carefully selected ingredients, and time-tested methods, the desserts we make at NotPie are out-of-this-world delicious, and very unique. They don't need ruffly cupcake liners, brightly colored frosting, artificial flavors or colors, stock-images of chefs in coats, or fancy ribbon on the outside.

Each cake box is expertly packed in simple cupcake packaging and wrapped in brown paper with ice packs on top. The star of this show is the really delicious cakes inside, made from really good things for really awesome people around the country.

Let's Celebrate!

If you are going to celebrate with a treat, let’s make it the best way we can — with awesome ingredients + a whole lotta love!

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