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California Roots Festival VIPs Treated to Fresh Marshmallows
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California Roots Festival VIPs Treated to Fresh Marshmallows

From the one and only NotPie Marshmallow Bar

The Marshmallow Bar was invited to serve all things marshmallow inside the VIP Redwood Lounge at the Cali Roots Festival over Memorial Day Weekend.

We served more than 2,000 squares of fresh marshmallows, plus a few hundred cupcakes topped with marshmallow. It was ridiculous. And delicious.

A Fresh Marshmallow Bar? How have I never heard of this?

NotPie's Marshmallow Bar was scheduled to serve on the second day of the festival. The line formed the second we arrived, and it didn't slow down for a second. We served a dozen different flavors of marshmallows, among the most popular was a layered fresh banana split marshmallow with a swirl of strawberry jam, finished with a roll in sweetened cocoa powder. Then there was the key lime marshmallow rolled in toasted coconut, fresh strawberry marshmallow, vanilla marshmallow with shredded dark chocolate layered in, fresh blackberry mallows, ginger lime marshmallows rolled in ginger sugar, and a few vegan marshmallows including a fresh guava and vanilla chai latte marshmallow.

With the backdrop of a beautiful Spring Monterey day, Stephen Marley playing live, the happiest people around, and our bamboo sticks stacked high with marshmallow … this day was definitely among my favorite of the year.

“Is this really happening? This is the best day of my life!” said the guy with his hands full of marshmallows.

We heard some of the funniest things from people about to experience their first fresh, organic, marshmallow. One guy even put on a hat, changed his voice and came through the line again for a second stack of mallows. I don’t blame him! It’s not everyday you come across marshmallows that are this soft, full of squish, and real flavor.

After a self-proclaimed marshmallow aficionado showed up to give our mallows a try, we were designated the best marshmallow ever.

Are you drooling yet?

We will be making the Marshmallow Bar available to rent for local events in and around Santa Cruz and Monterey County this Summer, plus some packaged marshmallows coming to the shop soon.

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