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Cardamom + Carrot + Cake?

Cardamom + Carrot + Cake?

That’s a yes from me

I love finding simple delights in my day. Things that are familiar and usual, but done really well. Like when my favorite barista is pulling my espresso, it always tastes way better. Or a well constructed notebook to pen my thoughts in. It’s just a notebook, but the paper is exactly the right weight, the lines are close enough to spark inspiration (how does that even work?) and the binding stays open perfectly.

As I strolled the Wednesday growers market a few weeks ago, I searched for something that could represent the coming Spring. A flavor, an idea, an ingredient. I found beautiful citrus and more varieties of winter greens than I could count. But nothing that called to me.

It was a humble bunch of spring carrots that whispered the message.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t a whisper. Spring carrots on the Central Coast of California are tender and sweet. And possibly the carroty-est carrots I’ve ever tasted.

The Cake-of-the-Month for March 2018 is ...

A carrot cardamom cake, topped with a honey marshmallow finished with a dip in white chocolate and honeycomb candy bits.

A delicate cake made with tender spring carrots and the delightful surprise of freshly ground cardamom. The golden flavor of California honey shines through in the marshmallow, and the housemade honeycomb candy bits on top offer a delightful fresh honey aroma.

The classic carrot cake, transformed into an elegant Spring dessert.

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