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Cupcake subscription for Christmas?

Cupcake subscription for Christmas?

Add one to your gifting list!

There are a million subscriptions out there. You can get chocolate, coffee, underwear, and dog toys delivered monthly. 

While they can be convenient for self-purchases like razors, office snacks and nail polish—there are many that can be good enough to give as a holiday gift and they literally keep giving for a few months! Long after the Christmas tree has been drug to the curb and the needles have been vacuumed up, your  subscription gift will keep showing up in the mail box - love that!

Here's how it all works: You set up the subscription online and checkout, your giftee receives something every month for as long as you’d like! More personalized than a generic gift card, and just as simple. So, what’s the catch? You must choose wisely.

Ok, let’s be real for a minute. Not every subscription is a good candidate for a gift. Yay, razors for Christmas! Who says that? This PMS subscription box (yeah, seriously) should never ever be considered as a gift, and even these monthly Yoga classes are on the verge. 

While subscriptions are like the best thing since automatic coffee makers, some are better for gifts than others. Here’s a few I love!

BeSpokePost: Known for their limited-edition boxes filled with covetable products for men.

Pickles: Not just limited to the cucumber kind! (these look delicious!)

The Spangler Science Club: Inspiring the next generation of scientists — this subscription is perfect for children in grades K-6.

PopSugar’s Must Have Box: A monthly box of full-sized surprises (no sample sizes here, phew!) of the best in fashion, beauty, home.

Cupcakes! I mean, it’s a shame we even have to call them cupcakes. 

Let's just agree that a cupcake subscription is genius. A great gift for men and women, kiddos, college-aged kids, your brother’s family, your mother-in-law, your cousin and her husband, your colleague and his family. Who doesn’t love a delicious cupcake?

No two months are even close to the same flavor! Our subscribers receive a 6-pack of our exclusive cupcakes designed for that month. We’ve sent a triple chocolate cake with a champagne marshmallow & gold leaf top in February, a cinnamon churro inspired cake with banana marshmallow and sprinkles in August and a nod to a caramel apple pie in November. 

Sign up for a subscription by December 15 and we’ll make sure there first box get there in time for Christmas! Guaranteed to be opened and loved.


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