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December's Black Forest Cake

December's Black Forest Cake

Filled with holiday cheer and ready to party

Cherry cordials have been a family tradition for generations. They were among the first gifts we received by mail, packaged in a delicate gold box. Usually sent by our grandparents, they were shockingly sweet, meant to be enjoyed slowly. Though my brother and I didn't know that, and would challenge each other to eat an entire cordial in one bite.

Our girls look forward to cherry cordial season now. Each preferring the brand favored by the grandparent attached to their fondest holiday memories.

It's funny how circular life is.

We dreamed up this month's cake with these fond holiday memories in mind. A play on Black Forest Cake, traditionally chocolate with layers of cream and cherries.

We created a cake for everyone here, with the components of a chocolate cake + a cherry cordial filling + chocolate mallow + chocolate curls. Choose a traditional cake made with wheat flour and Dominican cocoa powder or a gluten-free version made with our house blend of gluten-free flour. Or choose a vegan cake made with a vegan coconut cake topped with a gelatin-free chocolate mallow.

All variations are designed to carry the same holiday cheer, and of course the same flavor profiles. No one will miss out on the delicious pairing of chocolate and cherry this year.

No matter what you celebrate this Winter season, a six-pack of Black Forest Cake is a delight to send or receive.

warmest wishes, Amanda

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