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Don’t forget the gift note!

Don’t forget the gift note!

What's better than sending cake? Including a personal gift card inside the box!

One of my pet peeves for sending gifts online is the gift note deal. It's not always front and center. Sometimes it's tucked behind the shipping label or weirdly printed on the packing slip. There was one time my girls received a giant cookie jar full of amazing cookies. But we couldn't figure out who it came from!

When Joshua & I started NotPie, we wanted to include a real gift card. Inside the box. Packed right on top. And you know what? It's my favorite part of packing boxes. Seeing the gift notes, reading the love that is being sent from one person to another. I could not love it more!

I see a lot of gift notes. Some are so sweet, the words just jump right off the page and stop me in my tracks. Some are trying to be sweet/funny/apologetic, and some forget to write a note! Or maybe they just couldn’t figure out what to say!

The art of letter writing is similar to gift note writing, it takes practice. What should you say and how? How long should it be? Should it be super mushy? Should you make it funny or keep it straight forward?

You've gone through the process of choosing a gift they are going to love, writing the note should be the fun part. But often, its the hardest part. So, here are a few tips to make this easier.

Do let the words flow from your heart.

Don’t include apologies. You are sending a present, they will be so happy. Now is not the time to say “sorry this is late”, or whatever you were going to apologize for. Don’t do it. Trust me.

Do include warm words and compliments. Love, best wishes, thankful, blessed, and grateful all have a warm cozy home on a gift note.

Don’t make a joke that has the opportunity to make someone feel bad. This includes age jokes. Trust me on this.

Do include something funny!

Do share a memory!

Do include nick-names, pet names, and terms of endearment.

Don’t forget to write a gift note and sign your name! No seriously … when you forget to include your name, your people email us asking who sent the delicious cake! (true story!)

We've seen all kinds of birthday notes. Some are so funny … like a sister giving her brother a hard time. This birthday note cracked me up.

Happy birthday to my handsome, wise, talented big bro. Love your fit, genius, hilarious, gorgeous sister.

Others are so sweet. I just loved packing this note up with a cake and a candle. I could imagine the delight of getting this note from a thoughtful friend.

Happy Birthday to my sweetest of all friends! I'm grateful for another year in this life with you

Some are straight from the heart. Like this mom who misses her boy. (all caps even!)


And some are full of surprise … like this one! I wonder if they have an on-going surprise birthday gift battle?

Ahah! Gotcha! Happy Birthday friend.

Here are a few of my favorite personalized gift notes that have gone out with a cake in the last few months. I hope they inspire you to write something sweet, or funny, or surprising, or delightful on your gift card!

✓ Happy Birthday! May your special day be filled with love, laughter and happiness. You deserve it.

✓ You made it through finals! Good work. Well done. Please share.

✓ Happy Anniversary! I didn't think I could love anything more than chocolate, but then I met you.

✓ Congratulations on your retirement! Wishing you a big slice of happiness in the coming years.

✓ Happy Birthday to our Super Mom!

This last one reminds me … wouldn't it be so cool to give out awards for best gift note? I think I may have to start that!

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