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February Cake Box = Marbled Matcha

February Cake Box = Marbled Matcha

Matcha and vanilla cake with a fresh strawberry mallow. Marbelous!

February vanished in a flash. Not before we baked so many dozens of this month's fresh cake creation.

A matcha marbled cake + fresh strawberry marshmallow + white chocolate was the beginnings of the many variations that were delivered this month. The fresh strawberry marshmallow paired so well with the grassy notes that shown through the vanilla matcha marbled cake.

A few other matcha marble versions included a soft vanilla marshmallow, with shredded semi-sweet chocolate. The pillowy soft piles of chocolate quickly melt in your mouth, leaving you with a whisper of cocoa notes mingling with the sweet notes of matcha tea.

We used a ceremonial grade matcha tea powder that is organically grown in the rich volcanic soils of Japan. Ceremonial grade matcha is of the highest quality coming from the first-harvested green tea leaves that are picked in early spring. The young leaves are vibrant green in color and carry a sweet, grassy flavor. Mixed in with cream and butter, the marbled cake carries notes of vanilla, sweet grass, and fresh cream.

Rounding out the six-pack: some boxes had a cocoa, vanilla, and house dulce de leche (made with fresh, grass-fed milk) marbled cake. Others had a fresh apple cake, bright and fruity -- these cakes were filled with chunks of honeycrisp apples and topped with a vanilla marshmallow dipped in white chocolate.

Making fresh cakes can be kind of tricky! It also means when one carefully made/sourced ingredient is gone (like our house made dulce sauce), it's really gone.

Bring on March!

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