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Fresh Marshmallows For Everyone

Fresh Marshmallows For Everyone

Now Serving Kosher & Vegan Marshmallows!

Oh, marshmallows. How I love thee. Your pillowy soft sweetness with undertones of vanilla. A perfect sweet treat, fresh or roasted, cut into squares or piled on top of a cake.

When we started NotPie, we created a treat that was beautiful to send and delicious to eat; filled with ingredients that you could be happy about.

A handmade marshmallow sits on top of every cake we make. Since it's often the first thing you bite into, we knew they had to taste really good. So we ditched the corn syrup for an organic cane sugar. We chose a sustainable, socially responsible and ridiculously delicious pure vanilla extract. And sourced a grass-fed, organic beef gelatin.

Incredible Fresh Kosher Marshmallows.

As with any animal product, source matters. Organic is important to us, so is pasture raised and grass-fed. This was no easy ingredient to source, but well worth the search! All of our traditional cakes are topped with fresh kosher marshmallows. The ingredient list is super simple, made with a grass-fed and organic beef gelatin, organic sugar, and fair-trade vanilla. Just a few awesome ingredients that we are super proud of.

Vegan Marshmallows -- Is It Possible?

It wasn't long after we started shipping our first cakes that a friend asked about vegan options. We had not idea how to tackle this one. Creating a gelatin-free marshmallow worthy of the NotPie name was no small task. But we did it! The perfect vegan marshmallow—gooey, packed with vanilla flavor and fluffy. We rely on the gelling power of agar agar powder to make our vegan marshmallows.

Our exclusive vegan marshmallow is now used to fill our vegan s'mores, piped on top of our vegan chocolate birthday cakes, and cut into traditional squares and shipped with our vegan hot cocoa.

Can Frosting Be Memorable?

I'd say ... Yes! The tops of our cakes are reminiscent of a chocolate dipped ice cream cone or a campfire s'more. One bite into the chocolate shell and into the soft marshmallow and you'll remember this dessert for a long time.

Kosher Treats, Vegan Treats, Delicious Treats. We've Got You Covered!

If Kosher is important to you, we've got you covered. Need a delicious vegan treat? Yep, we do that too! If delicious tasting gifts are important, well ... you know we are your people!

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