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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Buzz … Swish … Swoosh … Zip … There goes 2020.

The holidays arrived and departed so quickly, our heads are still kind of spinning.

We baked our way through December, shipping vegan birthday cakes, s’mores by the dozens, and a cake-of-the-month box filled with festive flavors. We were so busy, we didn’t even have a chance to talk about it!

December’s cake box was a glorious mixed-pack of cake, half chocolate topped with peppermint mallow. Half gingerbread topped with a vanilla mallow. We mixed up the dips this time, some finished with a dip in white chocolate and some in semi-sweet. Peppermint candy dust was sprinkled about, so were these adorable little white ball sprinkles.

Vegan cake boxes were filled with half chocolate & peppermint, half gingerbread. All finished with a dip in semi-sweet. Oh, and keto-dessert subscribers woke up to a box of keto-friendly donuts. Yeow!

If you ordered anything online this holiday season, you know there were massive shipping delays across all carriers, reaching every corner of the country. Much of the mess is finally starting to work its way through the system.

We had boxes marked as delivered when they weren’t. Boxes that took a detour to Hawaii, before arriving at the actual destination on the East Coast. There were also boxes that made it in 1-day instead of 2. We are still trying to figure it all out.

If you ordered a box, and it is still not delivered -- email us at

If you ordered a box and it arrived, high five! We’d love to hear what you thought of this month’s cake!

If you gifted a subscription and asked that it arrive after the holidays … we can’t wait to send you January’s cake-of-the-month, a box filled with bright citrusy cakes that will knock your New Year socks right off.

Thanks for ordering, gifting, enjoying, and supporting us!

Sending all the love to you and yours, Amanda

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