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Helloooooo Fall!

Helloooooo Fall!

quintessential Fall + festive October

Is there a season with more dramatic ups and downs than Autumn?

On one hand, we welcome the cooler weather that offers us relief from a long hot summer. On the other, we lose some of our cherished daylight.

We celebrate sending our kids back to school and look forward to family gatherings.

We bask in cooler temperatures and get to work cleaning up the leaves of Fall.

We gain an hour of sleep and lose an hour of daylight.

Baseball season comes to an end and apple season begins. Both among America’s favorite pastimes.

Pumpkin spiced everything shows up everywhere.

October subscribers - we have a treat for you! A mixed six-pack of cake:

The Fresh Apple cake offers a bite of quintessential Fall. Vanilla cake topped with an apple marshmallow dipped in white chocolate and dusted with cinnamon sugar.

The Banana Party is a festive, chocolatey experience in honor of Halloween! Chocolate cake topped with a fresh banana marshmallow dipped in white chocolate and rolled in sprinkles.

Our Cupcake Subscription includes single and multi-month options. Subscribe before October 15th and we'll send this six-pack of deliciousness as your first box of cake!

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