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High Fives All Around

High Fives All Around

let's talk about some cool stuff!

If there is such a thing as the dog days of winter, I think we are in them! The weather is wet and dreary, the sound of people coughing is everywhere, and the glitter of the recent holidays is long gone but the magic of a new Spring hasn’t arrived yet.

While we wait on Spring to arrive and blue skies to return, let's talk about and celebrate some cool stuff happening around here....

Yahooo (!!!!) for Valentine's Day cupcakes delivered on Valentine's Day! We saw orders come in from people sending cakes to daughters, best friends, boyfriends, moms, aunts, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives. 100% awesome!

Heya! to the pineapple express treadmill dropping right into the west coast. With yet another "atmospheric river" aimed at the central coast of California, our region looks a little beat up right now. Kudos to all those civil servants out there working through rain and mud.

High five to finding amazing products made by cool companies doing good things for our world. Check out the team over at MiiR, maker of Josh's favorite insulated water bottle. Every product they make funds a trackable giving project. His new favorite water bottle funded clean water for schools in Nepal. It also got us thinking about how we could do something similar at NotPie… more to come on this for sure.

Random but important hat tip to Ms J, my favorite cashier at New Leaf (our local grocery store). She spreads joy and positivity like no-one I’ve ever come across. If you live (or ever visit) Santa Cruz ... stop into the downtown store and ask her how she is! Her answer will bowl you over in a wave of positivity. I love it!

Huge thank you to our taste testing group … I mean that is hard work! And hellloooo Whoopie Pies! (coming soon to a subscription box near you!)

High five to the team over at Flint & Tinder. They built a cozy sweatshirt made to last a looong time. Josh is on month 3 with his ... 10 years is a long time to guarantee a piece of clothing, but that's what they've done! If you love a good hoodie, check them out.

High five to Earth Organics for caring about fair trade, organic and non-GMO ingredients. We just swapped our pretty good cocoa powder for the best single-origin Peruvian cocoa powder we could find. Our chocolate cake and whatever else we can dream up is going to be even better… if that’s even possible. Seriously, this stuff is amazing & featured in February's triple chocolate cake-of-the-month!

Last but not least ... ready for next months exclusive cake? March is for all things green and minty ... so here's to announcing the Grasshopper -- chocolate cake, minty vanilla marshmallow, dipped in dark chocolate.

dreaming of Spring, Amanda

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