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Holiday Cakes Make a Great Business Gift

Holiday Cakes Make a Great Business Gift

'Tis the season of corporate gifting!

You’ve probably been on the receiving end of corporate gifting before. Often in the form of a holiday card from a company that you’ve done business with, accompanied by a gift basket or a branded trinket.

More than 60% of all US based businesses plan to send a gift this holiday season to their customers or clients.

The majority of these gifts will covered in logos or other marketing messages. In every other gifting occasion, the gift isn’t about the gift-giver, it’s about the gift-recipient. Why does corporate gifting feel so backwards? Is it simply another opportunity to get your company in front of a prospect or client? Or is this an opportunity to honor your relationship and give your client something they’ll enjoy? We’d like to suggest you can do both! 

We created the perfect holiday cake to send as a business gift this holiday season! Guaranteed to be opened AND enjoyed.

Our well-loved peppermint chocolate cake serves as the base of this giant cupcake. We’ll top it with a handmade peppermint marshmallow. Dip it in dark chocolate, and cover it in crushed peppermint candies. For a blast of holiday joy and chocolate + minty goodness. Your clients will love this!

It’s important that your recipient knows who sent the gift, so we've planned for that too. Your gift will arrive with a custom postcard that includes your logo, holiday greeting and special note.  

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Send The One, our signature giant cupcakegift, to each of your recipients for $20 shipped. Or send our well-loved Sixer, a 6-pack of cupcakes for a team to enjoy for $30 shipped. Both gifts include the customizable cards and packaging options for no additional cost! 

Get in touch with our VIP team and they’ll take care of all the details for you! Drop an email to to get the conversation started.



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