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Holiday S'mores Gift

Holiday S'mores Gift

Skip the card, send a box of vegan holiday s'mores instead!

Ahh, yes. The wildly famous vegan s'mores, now in a festive holiday flavor.

They were born here, in Santa Cruz California. A trendy beach town where most warm days include some time on or near the beach, and evenings are filled with backyard s'mores.

We started making a vegan, gluten-free s'more dessert soon after we created our well-loved vegan marshmallow. It was the next best use for it after topping vegan cakes. We sandwiched it between two gluten-free graham cookies, enrobed in semi-sweet. One bite sends you down memory lane, back with your favorite people around a camp fire, or roasting mallows over a stove on a cold winter evening.

Peppermint Chocolate S'mores Box

Now shipping for the holiday season! Like a match made in heaven, peppermint and chocolate are paired together in this wintry treat. A peppermint marshmallow sandwiched between two crispy dark chocolate cookies, finished with a dip in semi-sweet chocolate and festive sprinkles. Choose from a vegan or Kosher version, both are 100% gluten-free & 1000% rad.

Choose the peppermint chocolate vegan s'mores here, and the traditional peppermint chocolate Kosher s'mores here.

These make a great holiday gift, you can even choose a delivery date. Let's spread some love, even while we can't all be together.

let the season begin! Amanda

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