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Our cake is made from the best ingredients we could find!

In our quest to create the best cakes, we use the best ingredients we can find. Keeping it really simple, choosing our sources wisely and organic everywhere we can.

Our cakes are made with organic pastry flour, cage-free organic eggs always, organic sugar grown sustainably in Paraguay, fair-trade vanilla, and single-origin organic cocoa powder from Peru.

Our house-made kosher marshmallows frosting starts with organic grass-fed kosher gelatin, organic sugar sustainably grown in Paraguay, fair-trade vanilla, and organic agave syrup. Not a drop of corn syrup goes into this deliciousness!

The chocolate we use to dip the marshmallow tops in is from organic sources too. Tempered in our bakery, we rely on a semi-sweet and white chocolate to highlight the tops of our cakes.

A recent swap to our sprinkle lineup makes our cakes 100% free of artificial colors and flavors. Our festive traditional sprinkles and round dots are from a company who is making super festive sprinkles with spice & veggie dyes. They're bright, festive, and taste good. Plus, their ingredient list will make you swoon (if you are into that sorta thing!)

If you are going to celebrate with a treat, let’s make it the best way we can — with awesome ingredients + a whole lotta love!

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