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January 2018 Cake-of-the-Month

January 2018 Cake-of-the-Month

A mixed six-pack of delightful international flavors

Alright, alright 2018. We are ready for you!

Kicking off what promises to be an entire year of out-of-this-world cake, we are pretty excited to tell you about January’s special cake-of-the-month. Are you ready for this?

The Wintry Mix includes two very different cakes, inspired by some of our most favorite international cuisines. Both of which happen to be on our travel bucket list ... for dare I say 2018!

Moroccan Inspired Tangerine Saffron:
A white almond wedding cake serves as the delicious foundation for this dessert. Topped with a saffron tangerine marshmallow dipped in white chocolate and dusted with tangerine scented sugar.

The cake is a soft white butter cake with a light almond flavor at every turn. The tangerine saffron marshmallow is bright and sweet, but not to citrusy. The delicate white chocolate shell offers a slight crunch and creamy chocolatey goodness to every bite.

Thai Inspired Spicy Chocolate:
This Thai inspired cake is a spicy chocolate cake topped with a makrut lime (also known as kaffir lime) marshmallow finished with shreds of dark chocolate and toasted coconut on top with a generous dusting of powdered sugar.

It’s spice will surprise your pallet and make your tongue dance. The makrut lime marshmallow is distinct and refreshing. And the shreds of dark chocolate and toasted coconut makes your first bite feel like a cloud.

May your year be as sweet and delightful as these fantastically delicious cakes we crafted for you!

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