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Lady Lori’s Yuzu Cake

Lady Lori’s Yuzu Cake

January's Cake-of-the-Month

I love yuzu. It is citrusy, but with a complex flavor that carries sweet and sour notes.

Gaining recent popularity in the US, yuzu is showing up in tons of products -- from candies to salad dressing. Fresh yuzu is impossible to find, and because of the intense flavor it's rarely eaten fresh. Instead, the juice and zest carry the ultimate citrus prize for chefs.

About the size of a tangerine, the yuzu fruit is a tart and super fragrant citrus.

This Month's Cake is a Celebration of Yuzu

If you’ve never tasted yuzu before, it can only be described as a distinct citrus flavor. I find it to be a cross between a grapefruit and a meyer lemon, with a hint of sour lime. Others describe notes of tangerine.

My friend Lori gave me a gift of yuzu candies last Spring. I wasted exactly zero minutes opening the bag after she handed it to me. I love citrus anything. But yuzu .. There are few flavors as memorable.

As soon as I popped the first candy in my mouth, I was dreaming of a yuzu marshmallow.

The Line Up: Citrus Butter Cake Filled with Yuzu Curd + Yuzu Marshmallow + White Chocolate + Yuzu Scented Sugar

Pairing Notes: Lemon cakes can be tricky, specially ones with lots of citrus flavor. A chilled elderflower sprizter would pair lovely. Or a hot Gen Mai Cha tea, where you'll find the roasted flavors compliment the citrus perfectly and the full flavors of the green tea pairs nicely with the buttery cake.

Pro Tip: Serve unwrapped and slightly chilled right away. Or freeze, and enjoy within 14 days.

This magnificent cake will be shipping out to our subscribers mid-January!

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