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Our New Cupcake Subscription

Our New Cupcake Subscription

Love gourmet treats? Ya, we understand — we love gourmet treats too. Specially the kind that magically arrive at your door every month.

It seems there are subscriptions sprouting up everywhere! You know the kind where you subscribe and receive something every month — from jewelry, to clothes, to office snacks, exotic fruit, micro-brewed beer and on and on. 

Not that we wanted to jump on the subscription bandwagon — but I love a good subscription. Our house currently has at least 3 subscriptions going, including monthly deliveries of razors, make-up and clothes.  

Just as we kicked up the simple idea of a delicious cupcake by at least a few notches, we did the same to the idea of a subscription.

Announcing the Not Pie Subscription. 

Each month we’ll be delivering a collection of limited edition cakes exclusively to our subscribers. Dreamt up and created just for the monthly subscribors, Josh will be showcasing his joie de vivre in the first-ever international collection. Here’s the plan for the next few months: 

July: American Summer 
A collection of three flavors inspired by our favorite old-time soda pops: Root Beer (it's back!), Cherry Cola and Lemon Lime.

August: Morocco
Our killer chocolate cake paired with cardamom and cinnamon, topped with preserved lemon marshmallow and dipped in luscious dark chocolate.

September: Thailand
A delicious coconut chocolate cake infused with Thai chilies, topped with a kaffir lime leaf marshmallow and dipped in more chocolate.

October: Persia
A rich chocolate cake spiced with cardamom and saffron, topped with a rose water marshmallow and dipped in dark chocolate.

Each monthly box will include a sixer of the exclusive flavor or collection planned for that month, plus some of our favorite products and swag we must share.

If you’ve been searching for a unique and extraordinary gift, this is it! These exclusive flavors won’t be available anywhere else, any other time of the year. 

Sign up and cancel anytime — our subscriptions are easy to send as a gift or to yourself. With no commitments in-sight, plan to send a subscription for one month, many months or year ‘round.

At only $25 shipped anywhere in the U.S., you get the coolest cupcakes in the world. 

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