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Schedule a Birthday Gift for Future Delivery

Schedule a Birthday Gift for Future Delivery

Add a birthdate for delivery, 5 to 365 days in the future.

We have social media reminding us of birthdays, but sending birthday wishes on facebook to your favorite people is so 2018.

There are some people whose birthday you cannot miss. Like your kids, your parents, or your spouse. Miss your best friends birthday, and you’ll probably feel worse about it than her!

Facebook is where most of us are getting reminding of birthdays, but it’s often the day of their birthday. Sending birthday wishes by Facebook shouldn't be the only way you celebrate your favorite people. They need something in the real world. A card, a cake, a coffee date, dinner, a gift, some time together ... whatever fits your relationship and makes them feel celebrated.

Sending birthday cake is so fun, and spreads so much joy.

Receiving birthday mail is so fun. Receiving a birthday cake in the mail? It's the best!

We made a super easy way to schedule a birthday cake to be delivered sometime in the future. From 5 days to 365 days in the future ...Tell us when you want your birthday gift to be delivered, and we will get it there on or just before the date you chose.

Maybe you just booked a trip that overlaps with your sister's birthday. Or you know you're son will away on his birthday. Order a birthday cake, schedule it for future delivery, and just like magic ... their birthday cake will arrive right on time.

While you’re at it, just order a birthday cake for everyone whose birthday you can remember. Or dip into your Facebook birthday list (it’s under events) and find the birthdays of your people near and far.

High five for spreading the birthday joy!

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