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Skip the Food Coloring this Valentine's Day

Skip the Food Coloring this Valentine's Day

Introducing Our Exclusive Valentine's Day Gift

I know, I know ... Valentine's Day is all about pink and red sweets in the shape of a heart. But we do things a little different around here. You won't find a single pink colored cake, any red frosting, and none of those delicious red cinnamon hearts sprinkled on top. Sigh ...

Here’s the thing. Artificial food dyes are really bad for us. And they don’t taste that great either. 

While scouting out the best ingredients for our cake, we often make and test a cake component many times. Like last Summer when we made that root beer marshmallow, flavored with a handmade spice blend that included sassafras, sarsaparilla and licorice roots, wintergreen, clove and a few other spices. Or that Sri Lankan cake we made last Spring that was topped with the mango marshmallow, bursting with fruity mango flavor. It was flavored with a reduced syrup made of fresh mangos ... and we were happy to keep it's color naturally bright white. 

The Red Fortiest Day of the Year

So, let’s talk Valentine’s Day — It’s hard to find festive treats and snacks in February that aren’t bursting with pink, right? All of a sudden everything turns a shade of red #40. From ice cream to cupcakes, cookies to cereals, I even spotted pink & white yogurt covered pretzels. No treat is safe this time of year! 

Josh & I wanted to create a flavor to feature this February that shouted love and romance, something that has a unique flavor, but still festive for the sweetest day, minus all that red #40 and blue #1.

Chocolate & Roses

What represents Valentine’s Day better than chocolate and roses? Nothing ... so we went all in for our exclusive Valentine’s Day cake. We'll top our famous chocolate cake with a handmade rose flavored marshmallow and dip it in dark chocolate.  

Don't worry if you are new to rose flavored treats. Rose water is nothing short of dreamy (& tastes nothing like that time when you accidentally tasted your grandma's perfume.) Made by steeping rose petals in water, rose water has a very distinctive flavor that is soothing and lightly floral. It's often used in Persian and Middle Eastern cuisines—especially in sweets like nougat and baklava… and now in NotPie's marshmallow! Yessss!

Send a single giant cupcake or a six-pack to your favorite person and they’ll feel your love from a mile away …. or 1,000 (since we ship nationwide & all) 


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