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Summer Trifle

Summer Trifle

the line up, pairing notes and tips for eating this delicious dessert

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It's been a long hot journey from our bakery to your house for the Summer Trifle's. This dessert is best chilled, pop them in the fridge as soon as you receive.

The Line Up: Lemon cake layered with apricot marshmallow, blackberry or coconut ganache, topped with a vanilla marshmallow, and finished with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Pairing Notes: This is a sweet dessert, filled with flavors of summer fruit. Pair it with an unsweetened coffee drink, like a cold brew or an iced-Americano. It would also go well with an iced sweet tea.

Pro Tip: Each trifle is the equivalent of 3 cupcakes. Before you enjoy, make sure the trifle is cool, grab a few spoons and a few of your favorite people to share it with. Get a little of each layer on your spoon for every bite by scooping vertically down the sides of the jar.

A tour of your Trifles:

A traditional trifle is a cold dessert with layers of sponge cake, fruit, custard, jelly, and cream. You are about to enjoy our version of a trifle for this month's cake-flavor.

The sponge cake we made for you is a lemon butter cake. It's light and sweet, and acts as a perfect foundation for the layers to come. We hand crumbled the cake so there would be bigger chunks to bite into, and smaller bits that get scooped up with the marshmallow.

First layer: Apricot marshmallow. We turned a few pounds of fresh apricots into an apricot marshmallow. On it's own, you can taste the jammy notes of the fruit.

Second layer: Fresh blackberry ganache. You can't miss this layer -- it's the bright purple one! Fresh blackberries combined with white chocolate to make this magical layer.

Second layer: Coconut ganache: Young coconut milk combined with white chocolate made this layer one of our favorites. It wasn't in the original plan, but once it was made, we knew th exact place for it -- it's the second layer in just one of your three trifles.

Vanilla marshmallow: Our soft vanilla marshmallow is the last layer. It's soft and fluffy, scoopable and full of real vanilla.

Enjoy! Amanda & the cake team

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