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The Marshmallow Bar is Cali Roots Bound

The Marshmallow Bar is Cali Roots Bound

Serving fresh marshmallows in the Redwood Lounge

The Marshmallow Bar will be serving all things gooey and marshmallow-y inside the VIP Redwood Lounge at the Cali Roots Festival this Memorial Day Weekend.

We will be bringing more than 3,000 fresh marshmallows with us, serving classics like vanilla & chocolate mallows. and vegan versions in passion fruit, toasted coconut, and caramel swirl. Plus, a few out-of-this-world flavor creations like blueberry maple, cinnamon chocolate, and fresh banana. It's going to be ridiculous! And delicious.

Will You Be There?

If you have your VIP tickets to the Cali Roots Festival already, swing by the Redwood Lounge for a sweet treat! We'll be serving on Friday and Saturday.

Celebrating a birthday at Cali Roots?

We'll be giving away chocolate birthday cakes to birthday celebrators! If that's you - swing by our table for a birthday cupcake!

If you aren't going, you can follow along on Friday & Saturday. We'll try to get some sweet shots & cool tunes on our Instagram feed.

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