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Time for Cake?

Time for Cake?

NotPie + Modify Watches = Seriously Awesome 

Our glasses wearing cupcake dude is well loved, and our funny stickers that are included in each shipment? Well ... we’ve recently heard about subscribers collecting & trading them. So, when our friends over at Modify Watches wanted to create custom NotPie watches that featured our cupcake dude and a few of NotPie's rules for life, we said yes — and then asked when we could see them about a million times (sorry Virginia!) 

NotPie's line of Modify watches come in two sizes, with more than a dozen band colors to choose from and the option to mix and match watch faces with bands! Headquartered in San Francisco, these watches are designed and hand-assembled right in San Francisco, cool right? Catch how they do it in this quick moving video  

We hope you’ll love them as much as we do! And if one of these awesome watches makes an appearance on your wrist … we want to see it! 

PS…Stay tuned for the ultimate gift! We’ll be pairing our giant cupcake gift with a custom watch, perfect for birthdays, congratulations, Easter bunny presents, or just because! Tell us it’s for a birthday and we’ll add the candle! 

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