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Marshmallow Bar PopUp

Marshmallow Bar PopUp

Friday October 20 from 5:30-8:30

Join us!!! Our first ever popup style Marshmallow Bar will be at the Bazaar at The Casablanca Inn, hosted by the one and only Event Santa Cruz.

Our marshmallow team will be there serving whoopie pies, a mind-blowing Casablanca inspired s'more, and our new vegan s’more made with our house gelatin-free marshmallow.

If you’ve ever wanted to try one of our fresh handmade marshmallow desserts .... we are doing this for you!!! Join us Friday night, October 20 from 5:30-8:30! Event Santa Cruz throws a rad party! There will be food trucks, music, artists, tons of people, whoopie pies, craft beer, s’mores....All the things you need for a super fun Friday night!

Check out the complete details from Event Santa Cruz here, and register... or RSVP...or just tell us you're coming already!

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