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Mocha Spice Cake
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Mocha Spice Cake

September's Cake-of-the-Month

Mocha spiced cake with a cardamom marshmallow finished n a dip of white chocolate and a dusting of cinnamon sugar

At the stroke of midnight on September 1 something strange happens. Its like a scene straight out of Cinderella. Everything turns into a pumpkin. We have Starbucks to thank for the Pumpkin Spice Latte creation. Then along came pumpkin spice flavored everything. Ice cream, yogurt, almonds, oreos, dish soap, lip gloss, crackers, granola bars, cake, popcorn, potato chips, toaster strudels. Where does it end?

It ends right here, this month. Brace yourself.

Mocha Spiced Cake + Cardamom Marshmallow

Combining the deep chocolate flavors of our single-origin Peruvian cocoa powder with fresh-brewed coffee and the vibrant spices we carefully chose. True cinnamon, fresh ginger, and ground mace make this cake a Fall wonder.

We topped each cake with a cardamom marshmallow. Highly aromatic, cardamom has hints of citrus and herbal flavors with an intense spicy-sweet flavor.

Dipped in white chocolate and finished with a dusting of cinnamon sugar, this cake is dynamic and intriguing.

The Line Up: A mocha spiced cake, topped with a cardamom marshmallow, dipped in white chocolate and finished with a dusting of cinnamon sugar.

Pairing: Serve with a cup of fresh brewed coffee, or a cup of warm chai tea with almond milk.

Pro tip: If you plan to enjoy this cake with a cup of hot coffee, add a cardamom seed to your coffee grounds before brewing.

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