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Where can I order a birthday cake online?
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Where can I order a birthday cake online?

Our personal-sized birthday cakes are back!

We take birthdays seriously around here. And it pretty much shows in the birthday cake gift we created. Carefully packed to arrive as beautiful as it was when it left our bakery and coordinated to arrive on the day you choose —It’s as close to a full-on birthday celebration as you can get from afar, wrapped in a box and delivered!

The Super is one huge cupcake, weighing just over 1/4 of a pound it's big enough to share or not!

Choose a rich chocolate cake or a traditional vanilla birthday cake, we'll top it with a double layer of our handmade marshmallow, and dip it in your choice of white or dark chocolate. Write the birthday message and sign your name, we'll add the sprinkles, pack it with a birthday candle, and ship it in time to arrive for their birthday!

If your birthday celebrator prefers vegan birthday cakes, we've got you covered. Order the Vegan Personal Sized Birthday Cake featuring a rad vegan chocolate cake topped with our famous vanilla vegan marshmallow, finished with a dip in semi-sweet chocolate.

Imagine the birthday honoree's face when they open up cake on their special day! It's definitely better than sending a birthday card and shows up like a birthday party in a box.

This Birthday Cake is Just $19, shipping included!

Yep, seriously. Send a birthday cake

Our cakes are shipped via 2-day shipping, if you'd like your gift to arrive on a specific date, you can add the date during checkout. We'll schedule it to get there on or just before the big day.

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