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Mother's Day Gifts
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Mother's Day Gifts

From love notes to cake-of-the-month subscriptions

Picking out a gift for mom can be a little tricky. Where do you even start shopping for the woman who knows what she does and does not like. Plus, she knows how to buy you just about anything, at every age.

As a mom, let me give it to you straight. She probably doesn't need another mug, random sweets, or a set of wine glasses. Your last minute card with your name scribbled in the corner is sweet, but ... yes, she knows you signed that 2.5 minutes before you arrived.

What she does want is some time with you, a thoughtful surprise, or a gift she knows was picked just for her.

I never imagined the best part of this start up bakery would be the joy of seeing how people celebrate the people in their life. I love reading the really creative or super sweet gift notes. The best are the Mother’s Day cake subscriptions. Last year we saw many 3-month cake subscriptions given to Moms all over the country, plus a few 12-monthers. Mother’s Day packages in November? Those are among my favorite packages to put together all year! You know that Mom will be so happy to receive a sweet treat, a reminder of Mother's Day, and a delicious gift from her kiddos.

Still don't know what to give your Mom on Mother’s Day? Start with a note. It won't take long--write a quick poem, or a memory. Write a list of songs that remind you of her, or a time you had together. Then let your creativity go from there. Think of delightful surprises that would go well with your love note.

Cake is always a great answer. Gift her a cake-of-the-month subscription and she’ll feel the love every month.

**May 9th is the shipping cut off for a cake gift to arrive for Mother's Day ... you can still send her a cake subscription! Order by 8pm on Saturday May 12 and we'll email you a gift certificate to give her. Her first box will arrive May 23rd.

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