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The Royal Elderflower Lemon Cake
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The Royal Elderflower Lemon Cake

Cake-of-the-Month: May 2018

Minutes after Prince Harry & his American bride-to-be announced their wedding cake flavor, lemon elderflower, Google searches for elderflower spiked.

These dainty star-like blossoms speckle the English and European countryside in late May and early June. Considered the signal of Spring's arrival, the blooms are often pressed or steeped into cordials, jams and syrups. Elderflower offers a floral note, but not like lavender. Its carries a slight herb note, with the subtle flavor of a lychee. Paired with lemon, it's very delicate and crisp.

May's exclusive cake-of-the-month is a white chocolate vanilla cake brushed with a lemon elderflower cordial. Topped with an elderflower marshmallow and dipped in white chocolate.

This cake is delicate and bright, with a palate-cleansing finish. Bringing the tastes of a fresh Spring morning, it pairs well with a cup of piping hot coffee or Earl Gray tea.

A unique Mother's Day gift, give her a monthly cake subscription and she'll receive this cake as her first box in May.

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