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Our S’mores Super Fan Scored a Home Run

Our S’mores Super Fan Scored a Home Run

Introducing our fan inspired coconut tres leches s'more

We love our customers, not surprising. But seriously, I’d go to bat every day of the week to say we've attracted the best people.

NotPie customers are a huge source of inspiration in the bakery. It was actually one of our cake-of-the-month subscribers that asked if we could make a vegan version of our cake. And my first thought was, whoa .. no, no way. Can’t make vegan marshmallow. Impossible. But then, shazam! Vegan marshmallow topped vegan cakes. Now hundreds of vegan birthday people celebrate around our vegan treats every month. Yay!

Ok, back to our newest super fans

I chose Erika after she placed a few orders through Amazon. She looked like the perfect choice for a s'mores super fan designer.

Coconut Tres Leches S’more

Her favorite dessert is a tres leches cake. It's tricky to transform these flavors into a vegan s'more, but whoa baby. These are delicious.

Introducing our fan inspired coconut tres leches s’more, now called the Seabright S’mores.

Coconut Brown Sugar Cookie + Coconut Vanilla Marshmallow + Coconut Caramel Jam + Semi-Sweet Chocolate + Sea Salt Flakes

We went after the creamy, milky flavors of this classic dessert, highlighting the notes of coconut, brown sugar and vanilla. Here's what she had to say about it:

The flavors were nicely layered, love the touch of the caramel jam. At first I was skeptical of the added salt, but when I tried it, it was a nice pop of complementing flavor. Absolutely enjoyed the crunch of the graham cracker paired with the smooth marshmallow. Beautifully delicious!

I'll Call That a Win!

We loved this new creation so much, we made a traditional and vegan version available! Check them out here, and order anytime.

Who is our next super fan? Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing the next fan inspired treat later this month!

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