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Send a Vegan Gift Basket
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Send a Vegan Gift Basket

Our new chocolate covered s’mores gifts are wheat-free & gelatin-free!

Have you ever tried to send a gift to someone who eats a vegetarian, vegan or other special diet? No, seriously .. this sounds funny but it was a recent problem for me. Just go search for a gourmet gift with any special words in front like vegan, wheat-free, vegetarian, etc.. and try not to laugh. Gift baskets with nuts and um… some weird snacks, fresh fruit, and wine… Those are all good, but you wouldn't necessarily consider them treats to celebrate with!

We have some favorite people who live far away and are vegan. I always felt like a jerk not being able to send them a treat for their birthday. See, we started this bakery because I couldn’t send a birthday cake to my Dad on his birthday. Now we are sending out birthday cakes by the dozens each month. It’s pretty much the best. But .. we didn’t exactly have something for everyone.

So I set out to make a vegan marshmallow. I finally found success, after dozens of batches. (related: making a gelatin-free marshmallow without a bunch of gums & weird ingredients is tricky)

Great! So we made a soft, delicious, gelatin-free marshmallow! Now what?

We started brainstorming treats that could be created around this new marshmallow. S’mores were at the top of the list. They are so festive and nostalgic. But they have been the same for like 100 years. Graham crackers, toasted marshmallow, chocolate. We knew what to do …

We developed a crispy, rich and slightly sweet cookie made with mochi flour and coconut oil. Topped it with a generous dollop of our soft gelatin-free marshmallow, added the top cookie and enrobed the whole thing in semi-sweet chocolate.

Ohhhh my gosh. We’ve made magic. And a slightly addictive, seriously delicious treat.

Each s'more weighs about 3 ounces and they are shipped in packs of six. Send a pack for a birthday and we’ll add a candle, and pack it with your birthday wishes right on top. Yep, seriously.

Send some gourmet s'mores right over here!

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