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Sweet Treats for Dad

Sweet Treats for Dad

Order by Wednesday -- May 16th for Father's Day Delivery!

I dunno, Father's Day kind of gets the last minute gift treatment. Much is said about Mother's Day gifts, but Father's Day gifts end up to be weird things to do chores with. Tools? C'mon, we can do better.

Dads need some rad treats to celebrate the day with!

June's Cake-of-the-Month is a banana toffee caramel cake, topped with a vanilla marshmallow dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with caramel. Carrying notes of banana and caramelized sugar, among a buttery vanilla cake -- Dad will feel the love with this one. Made with gluten-free ingredients, but you won't even notice.

There are a few other rad desserts that are perfect for Dads:

1) Our double chocolate vegan cupcakes make a rad celebration on their own.

2) The keto-friendly donuts, packing a low carb (less than 10g each), high fat nutrition profile are perfect for Dads who avoid sugar but love treats.

3) Cookie Pies make a rad dessert any day. The gluten-free chocolate chip cookie pies are among the house-made favorites of Joshua, Father extraordinaire of our crew. We've added a mixed pack that includes a peanut butter cookie with raspberry jam, and a cinnamon sugar cookie with apricot jam. Guaranteed to knock the socks off of any cookie loving Dad.

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