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Thanksgiving Gift Ideas - 2017

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas - 2017

My best Thanksgiving gift ideas just for you

There are only three rules when it comes to giving gifts for Thanksgiving.

First, if you are a guest …. even at a family gathering, you must bring a gift for the host. This is in addition to whatever the host asked you to bring to add to the feast. It could be your host’s favorite wine, a treat to share, even flowers! Anything that will be enjoyed by your hosts in exchange for your lovely Thanksgiving meal.

Second, if you are skipping Thanksgiving for a ski trip in Tahoe or a beach vacation in the Bahama’s .. send something to say you miss them, you love them, you are thankful for them.

Third, Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. And food. So make your gift personal and delicious. No gift cards, no generic “I ordered these basic wine glasses on Amazon” kind of gift. You’ve gotta be sure it will be well loved and enjoyed.


A cake gift from us is guaranteed to be enjoyed. Choose from one of our standard flavors, like the out-of-this-world chocolate cake or our buttery vanilla cake, or the special cake we are baking just for Thanksgiving — The Toasted Coconut Two-Step is full of Autumn beauty and warm toasty coconut flavors.

Following any kind of special diet makes these kinds of holidays hard. Our chocolate covered s'mores make a lovely gift to send or dessert to bring for family & friends who avoid wheat, dairy, or gelatin. They are also 100% vegan!

Since we have the sweet things on lock around here, we’ve dreamed up a few other gift ideas for you .. in case, you know, they don’t like cake .. or whatever.

Cake stands make gorgeous gifts.

They'll be well loved and you'll be well missed if you send one in your place. If you are attending Thanksgiving and bringing one as a host/hostess gift, top the place with a delicious dessert -- made or purchased! I love this jade glass stand

For a more vintage option, any of these one-of-a-kind cake stands would be a pure delight to receive.

Games for the feast can be enjoyed by everyone.

If you are convinced your family will miss your humor and unexpected conversation topics at the table, send them Table Topics! Our large family loves having these on the table during long dinners.

Or you can keep the kid's table (+ adults too, let be honest!) entertained with Game of Phones. You know they’ll be on their phones anyway … and this game is seriously so fun.

A light up marquee sign

This is an easy way to send a gift and a message all in one. Pick one up, customize it with your special message and send it. They’ll love it on Thanksgiving ... and long after!

ChatBooks are sweet to receive!

They are also so easy to pull together, and pretty much make you look like a rockstar. Also, who doesn't love real pictures to hold and enjoy?! Create a chat book using your social media feed, or your host's! Make sure it's full of your adventures and memories together.

A special foodie book

If they love to bake, they'll love the traditions and fresh ideas in Bouchon's Bakery. Related - I adore this book.

An aspiring mixologist could get into the dozens of fresh drink recipe ideas here

This perfectly lovely cookbook is as much story-telling as it is seasonal recipes. Poor Man’s Feast pairs 26 recipes with tales of family, food, and cooking for those we love.

May your Thanksgiving be full of fun, family, service, adventure, food, health, and gratitude.

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