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Gifts for Mom

Gifts for Mom

Order by May 5th for Mother’s Day delivery

Mother's Day is going to look a little different this year.

Brunch is not an option, but sending her treats is! We've put together a few chocolate gift collections that are almost as delightful to receive as brunch out with her favorite kids.

In partnership with local chocolatier Jen Ashbey, we've got some delicious gifts to send to Mom!

Mom's who love dark chocolate will love The Boardwalk collection, featuring a 74% organic dark chocolate from a local cacao roaster. Rocky Road mounds, a pair of spicy tortoise, a coconut tortoise pair, and more -- the confections in this gift are ready to be enjoyed!

Mom's who love the creamier notes of milk chocolate will adore the Santa Cruz collection, featuring a rocky road confection that is delightfully fluffy, a few pairs of tortoises all covered in 44% milk chocolate and fruit strips made from ripe organic fruit grown in Northern California. She'll love it, you’ll love it.

Mom's who enjoy vegan treats may do a backflip for the Monterey Bay vegan chocolate collection. Featuring dark chocolate tortoise filled with coconut milk caramel, fruit strips made from ripe organic fruit grown in Northern California, and a stout brittle that has a great crunch.

Order by Tuesday May 5th for Mother's Day delivery!

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