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How to send a birthday cake online
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How to send a birthday cake online

Why send a card when you can send a cake for just $19?

Birthday season is underway, and no doubt someone in your circle of favorite people is difficult to shop for, will be far away for their big day, or just simply loves birthday cake.

Birthday cards are nice, but seriously .. they are like $5 + the time to go buy it + write it + a stamp + remember to send it.

So how do you celebrate these favorites of yours? Best option = a personal sized birthday cake from us!

  1. Choose a flavor.
  2. Write a special note — it can be a simple love note, birthday wish, crafted poem, song lyrics, inside joke... the sky, or the 3x5 postcard, is the only limit here!
  3. Check out.
  4. That’s it!

Best deal ever. $19 + 3 minutes.

See all the birthday cakes we deliver right over here
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Happy birthday season!

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