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Let's Spread the Love From Afar!

Let's Spread the Love From Afar!

A few tips for the 2020 holiday season, while we are physically distant but still connected.

The 2020 Holiday season is fast approaching. While Americans are making plans for every-sized gathering, doctors are recommending we avoid traveling and keep our gatherings very small.

Thanksgiving in 2020 is going to be weird.

So how do we celebrate and give thanks without being together?

I'm not sure any of us have the answers yet.

My favorite parts of Thanksgiving, besides being together, are the stories and shared recipes. The traditions of watching the Thanksgiving parade in the morning, and listening to our favorite radio shows and music throughout the day. I love our tradition of a late afternoon walk to the park to let the kids play, or the occasional Thanksgiving morning bike ride.

The picture at the top is our 4 girls playing in a park full of leaves on Thanksgiving day, maybe a million years ago. We won't all get to be together this year, so I'm dreaming up ways to stay connected! If you can’t be around the same table like us, there are still lots of ways to connect with your family for Thanksgiving.

Care boxes

Put together a box and send it to your favorite people. Include things like special ingredients for their feast, a love note, a game, special socks or something to keep them cozy.

Desserts & Cake

Ah yes, I was waiting for this one! We put together a few special desserts to send for the holiday season. They can be delivered right away, or scheduled for Thanksgiving week delivery.

Spiced mocha cake, carrot pecan, double chocolate. You can't go wrong.

Following any kind of special diet makes these kinds of holidays hard. Our chocolate covered s'mores make a lovely gift for family & friends who avoid wheat or dairy. Chooose the vegan s'mores for a vegan + gluten-free dessert that will knock their socks off.

Since we have the sweet things on lock around here, we’ve dreamed up a few other gift ideas for you .. in case, you know, they don’t like cake .. or whatever.

Group Games

If you are convinced your family will miss your humor and unexpected conversation topics at the table, send them Table Topics! This would also serve as a really fun game to play while enjoying dinner together via video.

A Marquee Sign

This is an easy way to send a gift and a message all in one. Pick one up, customize it with your special message, joke, or holiday greeting, and send it. They will love it on Thanksgiving ... and long after! Just search for light up marquee sign & you'll find dozens of shippable & local options.

A Custom Book

ChatBooks are sweet to receive! They are also so easy to pull together, and pretty much make you look like a rockstar. Also, everyone loves real pictures to hold and enjoy. Fill it full of Thanksgiving’s past or create a current book full of family and friends. Make a different kind of book, filled with favorite family recipes with pictures of the original author. Grandma’s potatoes? Yum. Aunt Dorothy’s ambrosia? OMG, yes please. Dad’s cranberry relish? Mmm hmm.

May your Thanksgiving be full of fun, family, service, adventure, food, health, and gratitude.

love always,

Amanda and family ♡

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