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S'mores, S'mores, S'mores
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S'mores, S'mores, S'mores

An end of Summer Celebration

August brought us a few hot days (whew, understatement alert!), many epic Summer days full of adventure, and some great desserts.

We celebrated all of it with our end of Summer s'more box. Six chocolate covered s'mores wrapped in origami paper and packed to survive the end of Summer weather situations across the country.

Our August cake-of-the-month, masquerading as a rad marshmallow graham cookie sandwich dipped in chocolate, arrived in cities from Fairbanks, Alaska to Miami, Florida. Vegan, gluten-free, and traditional Kosher dessert subscribers received a version of this classic Summertime treat.

Sending treats around the country, celebrating your favorite people? This is simply the best.

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