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Hooray! The January Cake Boxes are Shipping
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Hooray! The January Cake Boxes are Shipping

3 flavors for the 1st box of 2023? This is bananas.

I recently read a review of our cupcakes over at Simply Recipes. They listed us as the best cupcake subscription for 2022. Whoa. πŸŽ‰ I love how they personally try all of their recommended products before they include them in their best of lists. Their brief description of our cupcakes included many cheers, and at least one jeer. They wished for more than one flavor in their cupcake box.

What was that? A challenge for more cupcake flavors in each box?

I do not sleep on challenges. So, I set out to create 2 rad flavors fit for a cake box in January. Three made the cut. It had to be.

The triple lemon cake is also known as Dorothy’s lemon cake around here. I was looking for inspiration for January’s cake, and thought maybe the family of a long time recipient could let me in on her favorite cake flavors. They did, and this triple lemon with toasted mallow creation was born.

We started with a lemon cake that is buttery and soft, loaded with lemon zest and juice for a bright lemony flavor. Then, we swirled in a locally farmed and made Meyer lemon marmalade. This isn't just a lemon cake, oh no. This cake is a thing of wonder. Topped with a vanilla marshmallow that is roasted then sprinkled with powdered sugar. Carrying notes of bright lemon, creamy vanilla, and burnt sugar. It tastes like sunshine on a cold winter day. πŸ’›

The roasted banana cake features caramelized bananas baked into a simple brown sugar cake. A swirl of boysenberry jam baked on top gives off heavy banana split vibes, topped with a vanilla mallow, a dollop of fudgy chocolate, and a few festive sprinkles.

The black forest cake is the cake that almost got away, but I couldn’t let it go. A preserved sour cherry is baked inside a chocolate cake, topped with a sour cherry vanilla mallow, and covered in dark chocolate shavings. A classic that had to be enjoyed in the New Year.

Happy New Year!

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