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Corporate Gifts
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Corporate Gifts

Corporate business gifts for any occasion

Hand shaking, note writing and gift giving are key to building strong relationships. 

If you are selling, servicing, consulting, advising, providing or touring .. you know a little something about building relationships. Most all businessy news sites are filled with gifting advice — when to give, who to send to, and how much to spend. 

We know sending corporate gifts is important, but it’s hard to find the right gift to send. 

Handwritten thank you cards are nice. But sometimes they aren’t enough. Pens are nice … oh wait, who wants a pen? You could send flowers, which seems weird for business thank you’s, or a tchotchke with your logo on it. None of these options are great. 

Cake is better. 

Guaranteed to be opened and enjoyed, send The One — a giant 1/4 pound cupcake in your choice of our wildly loved chocolate cake or French genoise style vanilla cake, topped with handmade marshmallow and dipped in your choice of white or dark chocolate. Unlike anything you’ve ever tasted for just $19 + free shipping! 

Each order is carefully packed to arrive perfectly in 2 days. 

Personalize Your Business Order

Get in touch with our business gift team for orders of 6 gifts or more. Customizing your order is easy! We can use your company stationary for the gift note, add a marketing asset to the box (stickers and business cards work great!) and an additional business/marketing asset. Email us at, and we’ll take it from there! 


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