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Gifts for College Bound Students
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Gifts for College Bound Students

Send a cake to your college student, we make it easy + delicious!

Going away to college is exciting. New friends, new room, new city, new school. 

It can be a challenging time too. For many college students, it’s their first time living away from their family, first time making decisions on their own, plus about a kajillion more firsts. 

Known for their appetites and culinary habits, college students love food. Surprise mail is the best, plus it's cake .. whoa, watch out!  

Send them a cake to celebrate, cheer them up or just to connect while they are away. Guaranteed to be opened and enjoyed, you might even get a thank-you note! :) 

Send one giant cupcake


Send a subscription and cupcakes will magically arrive at their door every month!


PS ... If there is a special day you'd like the cake to arrive, just tell us while you are checking out. We'll coordinate baking and shipping times for it to arrive on the day you choose! 




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