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White Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow
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White Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow

What's the deal with white chocolate?

It's true - cupcakes topped with fresh marshmallow is way, way, way better than frosting. And a chocolate dipped marshmallow? Well, it's a whole other level of delicious.

So where does white chocolate fit into our cake line up? People who love white chocolate often don't have the same love for dark chocolate. And since we dip each marshmallow topped cake in a chocolate ganache, we had to figure out a white chocolate dip that tasted as good as it looked.

Is White Chocolate Actually Chocolate?

Yep, white chocolate is, in fact, real chocolate. Milk and dark chocolates are made of cocoa solids, sugar, flavorings (vanilla, nuts, mint, etc..) and sometimes emulsifiers to help with consistency. White chocolate ingredients are really similar, swapping milk solids for the cocoa solids found in milk & dark chocolates.

Like most other delicious things ... the ingredients make good white chocolate really good, and other white chocolates taste gritty, chalky, and overly sweet.

White chocolate is primarily made from cocoa butter which has subtle flavors all its own. It should taste clean and milky, with a smooth velvety texture. Sometimes honey or caramel notes shine through. Other times the aromatics of the cocoa butter take on a light floral note.

We prefer our white chocolate to be ivory in color with a creamy milky taste, not too sweet, and more than 35% cocoa butter. Add some sprinkles to it, and it looks and tastes like the ultimate vanilla birthday cake. I love it!

So how do you feel about white chocolate? Love it or leave it?

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