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Best Friends Day
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Best Friends Day

June 8, 2017

Quick .. who's your best friend? Like, best best. I bet the first name that popped in your head is someone that is among your biggest fans. The friend that knows your story, celebrates you even when it's not your birthday, and is up for whatever adventure you dream up. Doesn't even matter if you've known them 1 year, or 35 years.

It's time to celebrate them!

Best friend day is June 8. I don't usually celebrate funny days like this ... you know like strawberry jam day, or brush your teeth day, or national dance like a chicken day. These are all actual things! I don't even know. It's kind of weird and feels fake. But friends? I am always up for celebrating friends. Even if there was a national best friends who don't like chocolate day existed. I'd celebrate them that day too.

Josh and I created NotPie to make it easier to celebrate your favorite people. And I'd say your best friend is top of that list!

This is the easy part. Send them cake on best friend's day! Choose the flavor they'd like the best -- either the best chocolate cake you've ever had (hello single origin cocoa powder from Peru!) or a legit vanilla cake that is soft and buttery and full of vanilla, and craft your personal note. We'll bake it, pack it and ship it to arrive on June 8 -- Best Friends Day!

Send them the Super Cupcake or a Sixer and remember to tell us your order is for Best Friends Day in the notes section of your order.

Good job BFF,


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