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An Ingredient List to Smile Over
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An Ingredient List to Smile Over

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To say we care about ingredients sounds weird. But it’s true. Flour is flour, right? And sugar, well … it’s sugar. True, but not really.

In our home kitchen, we pay attention to where our food comes from, which stores we shop at, which brands we choose, we are even on a first-name basis with our favorite farmers and growers. Our girls love to tease us about GMOs and the products we won’t let them buy because of the ingredient list. But deep down, somewhere beyond their teenage-ness, they know how important it is.

We took the same approach when creating the recipes for our cakes and marshmallow. All of our ingredients are carefully sourced, choosing organic and as close to the bakery as possible.

We decided to skip the corn syrup in the marshmallow we top our cakes with. Instead, we take the time to make a syrup and add a touch of organic agave syrup to stop any threats of crystallization.

The gelatin we use to make that same famous marshmallow was a pretty lucky find. We were using an organic gelatin that tasted fantastic. But it wasn't kosher, which is important to many of our customers. So we searched for a replacement. We found a product that tastes better, kosher certified, and it whips up better too! It’s from pasture-raised, grass-fed, organic beef. But what really matters is … It tastes incredible! Like … way better than any other marshmallow you’ve ever tasted.

We are pretty excited about the most recent swap. (You can spot them in the picture at the top of this page) We add traditional sprinkles to any cake sent to celebrate a birthday, you know the ones that are so bright festive? Ya, we swapped them for sprinkles that are free of chemicals. Colored with veggie juice, kosher, and still so festive. Total win!

Does this all really matter? Yep, it totally matters. When you bite into a NotPie cake … it tastes perfect.

Ready to try one out? Send one to yourself or your favorite person! You can choose a gift to send right over here!

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